GTA 6 Map – why GTA fans are fighting over it

Rockstar Games Rockstar Games is about to release the first trailer of GTA 6. But, even before that GTA fans seem to be already divided over the GTA 6 map and its size.

Fun fact – GTA has not officially said or shared anything related to the upcoming game’s map or its size.

So, how and where did the debate begin?

Well, it all started when a Reddit user shared an image of the supposed GTA 6 Map with a side-by-side comparison to the GTA 5 map.

The shared image of the map was part of the leak. Some of the things are expected to have changed since Rockstar Games reacted to the data breach. But, fans are still busy debating among themselves.

Basically, fans have 2 opinions – the map is too big and looks somewhat empty, and the second opinion is – the map is fine.

Heading over to the hot Reddit thread, the top comment on the thread reads –

The city is a bit small

and its top reply reads –

It looks like 5 with a ton of empty space. The city is small compared to the map. It needs multiple cities. Not just one big one.

Edit – to the people saying you either get an extremely large map with nothing or a smaller map that’s populated, Rockstar should be able to do both by now. It’s been 10 years, they have billions from GTAO. It’s definitely possible to make an extremely large map that’s populated.

Fans may have their own opinion but it is still too early to assume or believe anything.

Honestly, even if the leaks are true and the map is correct then too it becomes extremely hard to understand from just an overhead view of the map what the city or game would be like.

I think such kind of speculations will continue to float around till the game is officially launched and fans start to play it.

If you are also a fan then wait no more and head to the Reddit thread and become part of the debate with other GTA fans from across the globe. Or, you may share your opinion in the comment section below.

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Image Source – Rockstar Games